Exquisite Corpse

illustration by Iguanodon

Linheraptor Exquisitus

A new raptor has been found in fantastically preserved condition in China by two British students!  An Iguanodon likes to keep abreast of these things and I feel it’s my duty to inform you.

It’s scientific name ‘exquisitus’ reminds me of a conceptual symmetry between the work of a paleontologist piecing a broken skeleton together with his knowledge of what has already been found and his imaginative guesses at this animal’s particular adaptations and characteristics with the classic Surrealist’s game of exquisite corpse.

The early pictoral representation of my own kind is the classic historical example. For example, Gideon Mantell first imagined that an Iguanodon looked like this:

Silly billy!

Of course we now know that an Iguanodon looks like this:

Don’t mess!

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