News… 28.06.10

Polarity Magazine launch last night

Well, our child is walking. Last night I held a physical copy of Polarity issue for the first time. It felt kinda…nice. You can buy a copy through the website or from one of us in person. Thank you to the launch attendees. Looking to issue 2 now!

Mc Sweeney’s San Francisco Panorama Vol 1, No.1 2009

I just realised that I’ve picked up a back issue of this arty newspapery behemoth. Well, I’ll be subscribing, cos it’s truly great. My excitement at pulling it out of the plastic slipcase was great – it should have, infact, been filmed and put on YouTube, as it would be worthy of inclusion with Youtube’s ‘unboxing’ greats. There’s so much I want to say about the phenomenon of ‘unboxing’ videos. But that’s another blog post.

My favourite piece is ‘The Only Muscle I Can’t Control’, where Joshuah Berman mixes in with hopeful Fabio’s and their fangirls at the 14th annual Mr. Romance Cover Model Competition in Houston, Texas. The Romance readers even get to pose for a mock cover with their hearthrobs, then rush to cast their votes for the McDreamiest (that is not an actual category – well, it might be). I am rather touched by the idea that though these cover model dreamboats must project a particular brand of sex appeal for a particular demographic of reader, the convention itself is rather ‘PG-rated’, as one organiser put it. It’s quite sweet actually.

Alan Moore interview in The Stool Pigeon free music newspaper

Northampton’s most famous son gives an interview about his upcoming music and video project ‘Unearthing’. The interview is a fairly jokey Q and A which will give his long-time fans a chance to finally hear his feelings about his place in popular culture. He comes across as the best kind of eccentric Brit – unearthly, charming, no-bullshit. The Stool Pigeon is available at various shops and galleries all over London, for the price of absolutely nothing.

New Links added…

Those of Emily Haworth Booth and Matteo Farinella, both comic strip artists. Check them out!

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