News 10.07.10

illustration by Tyler Stout

This week’s round-up of runaway fascinations… and in which Iguanodon (quite comfortably) escapes from a railway fire caused by the proximity of an eagerly combusting fast food restaurant.

Polarity 2 ‘Arms vs Song’

I’ve had some interesting visual arts submissions in so far and I’ll designate a little slice of this weekend to begin looking through them. I’m still looking for artists. We’re stoking up our marketing operation and I found some great potential stockists during my wanderings through town yesterday.


The internet contains no entries for ‘cetaceaphilia’ (or spelling variants), but a medical web page I glanced at does speak of ‘philia of cetacea’. Please: if I’m doing it wrong then it would be the humane thing to let me know. When one moratorium lifts, another shall come into place: it’s crunch time. I either get another blog to talk about whales, or I just try and talk about them a leetle bit less.

Our blubbery comrades in the sea have been in the news plenty. If you’ve ever wondered what the lovecalf of Jaws and Moby Dick would look like, then click here. Today I received a tip-off from a cetaceaphile well-wisher: scientists now think the forecalvers* of whales, dolphins and porpoises were wolf-like. Now I had thought they were deer-like? I’d be interested to know whether the wolf-to-whale or the deer-to-whale scenarios are really such separate scenarios. What does the wolf & deer family tree look like?

So here’s a time-lapse vision of what probably happened: something moves out of the water. It looks about. It croaks… ‘naah’, and throws itself back into the sea.

The Whale’s Companion – Murdoch Press

Not the best-looking, the best edited or the most easy to read, the design and tone of this book is child-like sweet. But dotted inside the book are a wealth of quotes from literary classics and obscure sources,  a large percentage of which I have never seen. Australian poet Les Murray’s ‘Spermaceti'(click here for audio) confirmed my long-standing suspicion that this very poem must exist. ‘Spermaceti’ is a poem with a firm function. The calling of the subject matter means that it must have been written – the world needed a poem about the echolocating abilities of the toothed whales.

My illustrator of the week

Commercial illustrator Tyler Stout has made lucid, complex writhing drawings of a giant polar bear dangling beneath ice cover. The one I discovered yesterday in a bookshop featured a very surprised looking orca in the bear’s grip. He’s also done posters for films such as Iron Man. If you like the Robert Downey Jr , if that’s your thing, then check this out….

*forecalvers = This is Iguanodon vocabulary, copyright pending.

Self-imposed moratorium on blogging about whales begins now. I can still think about them though. You can’t stop me.

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  1. valerie a de vincent

    forecalvers – cute 😀

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