Bathymetry (Deepwater Horizon)

Deepwater Horizon: a name bearing the equal promise of plenty and the threat of oblivion. It’s very name thumb-noses the bathymetric problems of deepwater oil exploration.

Too big to fail…

Too deep to fail…

Too deep to succeed?


Other watery statements of intent…

Blackwater – opaque, for-profit paramilitary service

Corexit  – the name of the potentially toxic dispersant being used in the Deepwater cleanup. Corrects-it! (?) Seriously? Somebody has a sick sense of humour.


Is the world as it is the best world?

Video>>I found a grizzly bear, and it turned out he thinks ecology is a conservative ideology.

I question his definition of catastrophe as a mere (“unthinkable” and unthinking both) reshuffling of the deck, part of the weather system of deep time. This is true in the objective sense. Yet simultaneously he argues that our concept of catastrophe – self-centered fantasy, arising from our guilt/ sense of persecution/addiction to narrative – is a pathetic response to our position in nature, in the objective world. I wouldn’t say it was pathetic – or useless.


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