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Here’s a short Q & A about the blog. Questions submitted by @Sally52N2W

So why do you blog then?

I adore having a digital object that I can alter, play with, speak through. It’s also fun to play at being a magazine and err, a kind of dino-avatar.

Do you ever blog in a public place?

This isn’t public enough for you? ūüėČ No, people tend to stop and point and tell their young children, “look, there types the blogger!”

Whales are people too. Discuss.

They are not people. Who is your source on this?¬†Aesthetically speaking, I’m really into John Berger’s essay ‘In the Theatre of the Apes’, ‘Moby Dick’, and Philip Hoare’s AMAZINGGGG ‘Leviathan’. I’ve recently gotten into looking at the way oceans function on our planet and last year I used to talk about whales. A lot.

Is your blog good chat or an ostensible authority? (Obviously¬†it can’t be both)

I like the idea that I’m joining a rabble of millions of voices. From this unruly rabble of voices, sometimes a consensus is born. It’s a good system.

In the politest of English, explain the title to me please.

Iguanodon was one of the first dinosaurs¬†exhumed from it’s comfy strata. It was a beginning for the fossil hunters, and boy did it make a bunch of people nervous. Dinosaurs are about discovery and the concept of deep time. These are some of my favourite¬†concepts to chew upon. Mmmm, deep time. I’m hoping to associate my blog with these ideas by proximity.

What has science got to do with it?

Art and literature which dances around scientific thought or imagery has always been a draw for me. Even artists and writers who don’t talk about science per se, but talk about transforming materials (Joseph Beuys) in a way that’s totemic or scary or plain gorgeous, bring me into a kind of trance-like state.

Imaging technology is a fascination, because of all the things you can try to infer about what it’s doing and why it looks like that if no ones really looking at it.

Richard Dawkins actually wrote a good book on the subject ‘Unweaving the Rainbow’.¬† The title is drawn from Keats’ accusation¬†that Newton is ruining everyone’s Romantic jolly by telling us¬†how rainbows are formed. Of course, there’s always the void yawning at the back of ‘understanding’, and it’s this place that’s stimulated by scientific logic¬†rather than shut down!

Translate me into a Microsoft Font.

Couldn’t possibly because I don’t have any nice designer’s fonts.

Yours appreciatively,


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